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Insights from the periphery, jokes and wisecracks, rants and theories abound as we explore culture through comedy and anti-comedy with your host, Jamie Grefe. Twitter: @ShreddedMaps or FB page: shreddedmaps

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MUSH - (2:10) 1.24 MB
"Mush:" what every cartoon blob with no eyes screams before devouring the houseplants. This episode brings up a few observations, a spoonful of jokes and a couple odd voices. One thing about this daily comedic training, it leads one down some most fruitful paths, i.e. an increase in overall silliness (and freedom), that ping-pongs into pure doom.

The Medium is the Mess - (1:52) 1.07 MB
Yes, it appears so, doesn't it for it's always the receiver that has to attribute meaning to what is received and that makes this whole business of communication rather messy like these jokes. Enjoy a hodgepodge of humor from a most glum-stricken clown. Thank you for lending your ears.

Leprechaun in Space - (1:24) 0.81 MB
Today's comedy is slightly improved off of a theme inspired by Lewis Carroll in a roundabout way. It is brief, but concise in its own way. It also touches upon that potent topic of creativity.

Joke Time - (1:49) 1.04 MB
It's Monday in Beijing, but not a gloomy one (as it usually is). No, in fact, it's joke time. Gather around the smog-fire and pull up a stool. Take off your shoes and burn your socks to keep us nice and cozy. Snuggle in and breathe deep. Yes, you are in the territory of some most delightful comedic pondering.

The Fandango - (2:00) 1.15 MB
Today's set of jokes were recorded "live" in my kitchen. Yes, most every episode is recorded live in my kitchen, but today is different. Use your imagination and you'll find out why. Belly laugh at jokes about automobiles, skin, dancing, and metaphors for life. Happy Sunday, folks.

Yorick's Skull - (1:38) 0.94 MB
Let's enter the void the best way we know how--comedy. This random burst of comedy hits on Dafoe, Herzog, cats, dogs, and KFC. The least these jokes can do is help stop a beer barrel. Remember kids, in the end, we all end up with curled fingernails.

Mind Control - (1:15) 0.72 MB
Treat yourself to a hearty chuckle and some Bonnie "Prince" Billy while enjoying a nice cup of coffee. Learn to see the darkness. Today's topic is "mind control." Pay attention to the undertones and thank you for listening. Happy Friday from Shredded Maps.

Clowning the Void - (1:44) 1 MB
Today, we play with the theme, "Clowning the Void." If as Samuel Beckett reminded us, "Habit is the great deadener," then we are those who rail against habits we don't want to develop--through comedy. Enjoy jokes about skin rashes, Zulawski, sheep, and more. This episode is 100% anti-comedically accurate.

Self-Deprecation #2: Painful, So Painful - (1:34) 0.9 MB
My second foray into the wild blue yonder of "Self-Deprecation." This round, hear jokes about my musical past, my disability, lost dreams and more. This is fruitful territory and there are plenty more rotten apples where these came from.

Is Science Fiction? - (1:47) 1.03 MB
Welcome to 2013, the year of many more comedic episodes of "Shredded Maps." Today we explore a most interesting topic, "science fiction." To the extent that we merge ourselves with our technologies, do we become more and more like little Universal Soldiers, plugged in, mechanized, and completely irrelevant, but hey, if everyone's doing it...

Technologeeze - (1:51) 1.06 MB
Today's NYE episode tackles that ubiquitous topic, "technology" and gives it a comedic twist. Enjoy comedy involving cell phones, wifi, Steven Spielberg, and more. This episode is perfect for your NYE bash or just sitting by the fire while enjoying a bluetooth full of whine. Thank you for listening. #ShreddedMaps

Horror Humor - (1:44) 1 MB
In today's episode, laugh (out loud) at jokes involving slasher flicks, Japanese horror, and Troma's "The Toxic Avenger." This episode is guaranteed "100% comedically accurate (a callback to our "Human Centipede" episode)." Thank you for listening and have a frightastic day.

Set Opener #1 - (1:25) 0.81 MB
Today's episode presents a hypothetical live set opener. Of course, it's "B" material and has not been tested in front of a live audience, but you can guarantee a laugh anytime a comedian drops a Samuel Beckett reference in the first thirty seconds of a set. Talk about alienation.

The Human Centipede - (1:12) 0.69 MB
Today, we tackle a cultural milestone, "The Human Centipede" and sew some comedy into this penetrating documentary. Join us for a selection of prime comedic cuts straight from the horse's mouth.

Coffee - (1:14) 0.71 MB
Ah, a timeless beverage, unless you wake up late and are "pressed" for a cup. Be careful not to spill it--you'll have a hard time explaining that stain to your boss. Join us for a brief foray into the wacky world of this delicious beverage. Warning: laughs not included.

Self-Deprecation - (1:24) 0.8 MB
Your host is no stranger to the failures of creating a life, but he's learned to take Samuel Beckett's advice and "fail better." Join us for a minute of self-deprecating humor, that is bitter and brimming with joy.

The Shining - () 1.03 MB
The first episode of Shredded Maps has arrived. Jamie Grefe sheds some light onto Stanley Kubrick's "The Shining."